Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Look for Circles Day!

As a Math enthusiast I was excited to discover that 2 November is "Look for Circles Day"! You could probably teach on this topic for a week or more! Here are some ideas (for all different age groups)....


    * Go on a Circle Hunt in your school grounds or classroom.
    * Tally/count all the wheels on cars in the teachers' carpark.
    * Use 4x tables to calculate the number of wheels on the cars in the teachers' carpark.
    * Draw concentric circles with a pair of compasses.
    * Practice fractions with a circle (a chocolate cake, pizza or pumpkin pie will certainly go down well!)
    * Circle facts and terminology e.g. arc, radius, diameter, segment, etc.
    * Compare the properties of a circle with other shapes.
    * Here is a FREE Math worksheet that focuses on shapes and doubling....


    * Create Mandala patterns in a circle.
    * Paint concentric circles alternating warm and cool colors - great for teaching colour mixing!
    * Cut a spiral from a circle.
    * How many round objects can you draw?
    * How many animals can you draw starting with a circle?
    * Crafts with paper plates e.g. create a pumpkin, turkey, scarecrow head, snowman, etc.
    * Collect round objects such as bottle tops, jar lids, paper/foil plates. Use these objects to create an interesting collage on a paper plate or cardboard circle.


    * Write a story or paragraph about "If everything was round..."
    * "The wheel was a great invention because..."
    * "Without circles we would/would not be able to...."

Social Studies/Science

    * Study the invention of the wheel
    * Study the Earth and planets
    * Life cycles e.g. moth/butterfly, frog, etc!

Happy "Look for Circles Day"... I hope you have an "all round" good day!!

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