Monday, 14 November 2011

America...are you recycling??

Did you know that 15 November is "America Recycles Day"?
In my TpT store I have a 26 page Recycling Thematic Unit crammed full of teaching ideas, lesson plans, activities and games for using with students in Grades K-4.
And for the next 24 hours it will be ABSOLUTELY FREE!
Head over to my store to download your copy! (And please leave me some feedback if you have a chance!)

Keep recycling!

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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Christmas Cookie Problem Solving Math Center

My free Monster Problem Solving Math Center has proved SO popular (over 7000 downloads and counting!) that I decided to create a similar problem solving center to challenge your young mathematicians.

Christmas Cookie Problem Solving includes 48 problems to solve with either 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 cookies of three different shapes. A recording sheet is also included. This math center will be on sale for this weekend only so make sure you purchase your copy now!

Your students are sure to be kept busy with critical mathematical thinking while solving these fun problems!
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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Math/Science Linky Party

The Lesson Cloud is hosting a Math and Science lesson Linky Party during the month of November. Make sure you check back often to see all the new ideas that are posted! As I am a Math enthusiast I have already linked up a Math game for Grades K-2...and here is a Math Freebie specially for you!

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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Look for Circles Day!

As a Math enthusiast I was excited to discover that 2 November is "Look for Circles Day"! You could probably teach on this topic for a week or more! Here are some ideas (for all different age groups)....


    * Go on a Circle Hunt in your school grounds or classroom.
    * Tally/count all the wheels on cars in the teachers' carpark.
    * Use 4x tables to calculate the number of wheels on the cars in the teachers' carpark.
    * Draw concentric circles with a pair of compasses.
    * Practice fractions with a circle (a chocolate cake, pizza or pumpkin pie will certainly go down well!)
    * Circle facts and terminology e.g. arc, radius, diameter, segment, etc.
    * Compare the properties of a circle with other shapes.
    * Here is a FREE Math worksheet that focuses on shapes and doubling....


    * Create Mandala patterns in a circle.
    * Paint concentric circles alternating warm and cool colors - great for teaching colour mixing!
    * Cut a spiral from a circle.
    * How many round objects can you draw?
    * How many animals can you draw starting with a circle?
    * Crafts with paper plates e.g. create a pumpkin, turkey, scarecrow head, snowman, etc.
    * Collect round objects such as bottle tops, jar lids, paper/foil plates. Use these objects to create an interesting collage on a paper plate or cardboard circle.


    * Write a story or paragraph about "If everything was round..."
    * "The wheel was a great invention because..."
    * "Without circles we would/would not be able to...."

Social Studies/Science

    * Study the invention of the wheel
    * Study the Earth and planets
    * Life cycles e.g. moth/butterfly, frog, etc!

Happy "Look for Circles Day"... I hope you have an "all round" good day!!

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