Thursday, 6 October 2011

Trash to Treasure Linky Party

Scipi, at the blog, Go Figure!, is hosting a terrific Linky Party! In these times of trying to SAVE - time, resources, money, energy, the environment...the list goes on! - how wonderful it is to know that the things we use and do in our classrooms support this endeavour and teach our students to do the same.

I have both an idea to share and a free product available for download that support the endeavour to use recyclables in the classroom. Maths is by far my favourite subject to teach and I just love having a multitude of interesting manipulatives for my students to use. BOTTLE TOPS of all sizes and colours are a tremendous resource for your classroom. Have the children bring different ones form home to add to your collection. They can be used for a multitude of sorting, graphing and tallying activities. Sort according to colour, size, plastic/metal, ribbed edge/smooth edge, etc.

MAGAZINES are a terrific resource for all subject areas. I have created a mini-unit entitled 'Magazine Madness' which explores a number of Literacy activities that you can add to your Literacy Centers or Writers' Workshop. You can download your free copy of Magazine Madness by clicking on the image to the left. 
Why not share your Trash to Treasure ideas by linking on Scipi's blog?!

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  1. Michelle - You and I must think alike. Instead of bottle tops, I use milk lids and call it Milk Lid Math. I even have activities to go with using them at: